Professional condition reports within minutes

Create fast easy condition reports with the Articheck app, saving months or years of staff time

Saves Time

Produces Quality Reports

Clarifies Liability

Articheck is 'going to spread like wildfire'

Tommie Rodgers, Lauren Rogers Museum


Artwork needs to be condition checked quickly to meet the demands of clients, insurance and the fast paced schedule of a commercial gallery.

Articheck brings galleries joy:
  • Produces professional PDF reports for clients and insurers in ⅓ of the time.
  • Voice recording converts to text automatically - no more scribbling or typing.
  • Sends branded reports to clients with the push of a button


Make the mounds of manual paperwork that accompany your travelling exhibition a thing of the past. Save space, time, resources and paper with Articheck.

Sophisticated onscreen image capture with annotation feature means more time on the bench and higher quality condition checks.

Articheck makes museums happy:
  • Integrates with content management systems.
  • Voice recording converts to text automatically - keep your eye on the work; found in studies to improve in-depth descriptions.
  • Standardises approach.
  • Customisable templates for rare and exotic objects.
  • Adds electronic signatures to reports for due diligence.

Conservation Studios

Polished and professional condition reports are essential tools

It's difficult juggling a camera, notebook, torch, magnifying glass, measuring tape and pencil in the field AND time consuming back at the studio typing notes, uploading images and finessing placement. This can take half your day!

Articheck was designed by a conservator to bring all your tools together in one mobile package.

Conservation studios think Articheck is brilliant:
  • Sends polished, professional PDF reports in minutes rather than hours.
  • Uses cutting edge technology and a streamlined process which impress high value clients, such as voice recording that converts to text automatically - keeping your eye on the work has been found in studies to improve in-depth descriptions.

Shippers & Framers

Articheck improves your reports, giving you happier clients and a smoother insurance claims processes.

Articheck helps shippers and framers:
  • Provides in-app guide for users.
  • Reduces human error with templates and drop down menus.
  • Produces FAST professional condition reports with simple templates and easy ‘no change’ options.

Auction Houses

Every piece at auction needs a condition report before it can be sold. This is increasingly the case with online sales. Efficiency makes a big difference when dealing with tens or hundreds of thousands of reports per year.

Auction houses trust Articheck:
  • Make high volume condition reporting easy with multiple object and media templates.
  • Create reports between 50-75% faster, so you can focus on selling instead of form-filling.

Private Collections

Documenting a private collection protects your investment with legally verifiable​ insurance-approved condition reports.

Show that your artwork is in good condition - before there are any changes.

Articheck is ideal for private collectors:
  • Provide​s​ a smoother claims process​.​
  • Good documentation multiplies the chances of recovering your artwork in case of theft.
  • Builds​ a provenance of movement, exhibition and condition.
  • Articheck can also help with filling in condition reports. We have an international network of conservators ready to help.

Public Collections

Articheck’s app and web portal improve public collection management. Our survey tool helps identify priorities for treatment, re-housing and digitising projects.

Public collections think Articheck is brilliant:
  • Provides collection overview in the web portal.​
  • Offers an exclusive subscription plan for public collections and local museums.